Coyote Run Arena Winter Series Classic XV 2018-19

Rules & Guidelines       

I. Membership

a. Each contestant wishing to compete in the CRA winter series XV for year-end points/awards, must complete a membership form for the new 2018-19 season along with the appropriate dues.

b. The 2018-19 Winter Series shows are scheduled to begin September 29th-March 23rd.

c. Memberships are available for an Individual($20) and/or Family($35). Family memberships are for immediate family living in the same household only.

d. A non- member fee of $5.00 will be added to each entry for those w/o memberships.

  II. Points

 a. Points will begin on the first scheduled show date, September 29th.

b. Points begin with the date you put on your paid membership form.

c. Points will be awarded to the top ten riders in each division in each class utilizing a ten point system

 III. Awards

 a.Members are required to ride a minimum of 8 out of the 12 scheduled show dates to qualify for awards.

 b. The Buckaroo 3-D Barrels  awards will be given to the top 3 places in each division to those who meet the requirements.
      The Poles, Open Barrels, Youth Barrels, & Adult Barrels are awarded Trophy Buckles for 1st place in each division.

 c. High Point Saddles will be awarded to the member who achieves the most points for  3-D Poles,
      Youth 3-D Barrels, Adult 3-D Barrels, & Open 4-D Barrels. If a member has points accumulated in more than one
       division, the high point awards are figured on the division where the rider has the greatest amount of points.

d. All year-end ties will be broken by a drawing by the rider .

e.  Please keep track of the show dates you compete in for points/awards. Any inquiries, adjustments, changes, and/or 

     requests will only be considered prior to March 23, 2019.

IV. Classes

 a. Trainers will be available at 10:30 a.m. on each scheduled show date in 30 minute time segments. Each segment can
 accomodate 30 riders @ 60 seconds each.  Please be respectful of those before and after you on the trainer sheet.

b. Training Barrels 10:30-1:00; Training Poles 1:00-1:45.  Trainers will remain $5.00 each. 

d. Entries will open at 9:30 a.m. and close at the 1/2 way point through each class.

e. Classes with Age restrictions:

        Buckaroo 3-D Barrels-12 & under as of 10/01/2018

        Youth 3-D Barrels- 18 & under as of 10/01/2018

        Adult 3-D Barrels- 19 & over as of 10/01/2018

f. Each competitor may enter on any horse and/or multiple horses, reguardless of ownership, in any class. 
 The same horse cannot be ridden more than once in the same event unless the riders are immediate family
members AND only own this one horse.

g. Starting gate and ground conditions will remain consistent  throughout each scheduled show date.

h. Timing of an event will begin when the horse/rider team crosses the time barrier.

i.  In the event a competitor needs to scratch an entry from the show, it will only be considered prior to the first
 horse running in that class. NO REFUNDS once the class has begun.

j. Contestants will receive a N/T for knocking over barrels, breaking the pattern, and/or falling off in the arena
after crossing the time barrier.

k. 3-D Poles is the only event where a competitor will receive a 5 second penalty added to their time instead of a N/T.

    However, breaking the pattern and/or falling off after you cross the time barrier will result in a N/T.

l. A Re-Run will be granted in the event of  an equipment malfunction. Any and all re-runs will be conducted at the
 end of the bottom/end of that particular class.


a. All dates on our show schedule have been submitted to the BBR approval. As they are approved we will update our
 information on facebook and the website. 

b. Anyone interested in competing for BBR points must submit a BBR  membership application along with the required dues to the BBR organization. The BBR point year is January to December of each year.

c. All classes(with the exception of the Open 4-d) will be in 3-D format unless over 100 riders, which will upgrade to a 4-d for payout only.

    Any awards/points stick with the 3-d format. Open 4-D is the only class awarded 4-D points for awards purposes.

    All classes payout will be 70/30 with the exception of the Open 4D Barrels which is 80/20.

d. CRA & BBR are two separate organizations. Each membership, points, & awards are handled & awarded separately.

     Visit for more information.

VI. Arena

a. In the event of inclement weather conditions, CRA reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule any show dates for the 2018-19
 Winter Series XV. In most cases, the show date in question will either be rescheduled on a different date as a makeup show or added
 to another show date as a double point show.

b. CRA & Staff reserve the right to ask any contestant to vacate the premises if they observe the mistreatment of animals, destruction of arena property, foul language and/or behavior. Refunds will not be given to those asked to leave. When riding at CRA, Contestants ride at their own risk and Coyote Run is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur.


a. Call-in entries are available as a courtesy for the contestant. Please be respectful when utilizing this service so it is fair for everyone. It is most helpful for those with multiple horses.

You may enter via Facebook messenger, call, or text @ 901-871-9343.

When calling ahead, you must complete an entry form for the office the day of the show. If the office doesn't receive the form and payment, you won't be in the show. 

b. Our shows are done on manual draw. You are able to choose your draw number within reason.

     When there are skips or scratches, the system will automatically move the order up to fill in gaps.

c. All show results will be posted on facebook after the show or first thing the next morning.

d. Please allow 3-5 days for the series points to be uploaded to the website and/or facebook page.

*Any further questions or inquiries can be directed to Aubrey Lemmons 901-355-3429 or email

            *Tonya Childress 901-871-9343 or

              * Facebook pages: Coyote Run Arena and/or Tonya Faulkner Childress